Credit Estimator

Many Sutton Lincoln and Ford customers looking to purchase a new or used vehicle decide the best option for being able to afford their vehicle purchase is to finance a portion of their purchase. Our finance team can work with a wide variety of financial situations to help customers secure the auto financing they need to complete their vehicle purchase. However, we have found that the majority of our customers who have checked their credit score before applying for auto financing have a better idea of what to expect in regards to the rates and the potential amount of the auto loan they may potentially qualify for.


This is particularly important because the majority of auto finance institutions use a consumer's credit score to help determine how likely a customer will be able to afford to pay back the auto loan. Consumers with higher credit scores generally qualify for better rates.


All consumers qualify for a free annual credit report, which is one way to check your credit score before even applying for an auto loan. Regardless of if you have checked your credit score, the team at Sutton Lincoln will be happy to help our customers determine if they are eligible for an auto loan that meets their needs.

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