Add Ford's BLIS To Your Next Vehicle Purchase

Ford's BLIS is an excellent addition to your vehicle purchase. This system uses radar technology to help reduce the risks associated with changing lanes on busy roadways. The multi-beam radars are mounted on each corner of the back bumper to allow it to detect approaching vehicles in either lane from as far back as ten feet.

When vehicles are detected, the Blind Spot Information System lets drivers know they are in range by activating LED lights on the side view mirrors. This warning comes in handy for drivers who are prone to drifting into other lanes or when they are getting ready to change lanes.

Included with the system is the Cross Traffic Alert which aids drivers when they put their vehicles in reverse. It can detect approaching vehicles from a distance of 45 feet.

To find out how Ford's BLIS system can help you, contact Sutton Ford Lincoln. Our professional staff will answer all your questions.
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