Learn About Ford’s New Autonomous Technology

Just because autonomous cars aren’t commonplace yet, doesn’t mean that the technology is locked away and cannot benefit drivers. In fact, Ford’s new model year vehicles have begun to receive autonomous technology, enhancing and strengthening the protective bubble that is your Ford vehicle. Through pre-collision sensors and pedestrian detection, autonomous technology has begun to work itself into new Ford vehicles and make them safer in every way.

The reason Ford vehicles are so safe and popular amongst drivers in Illinois is that they make it safer for passengers, as well as pedestrians to be around when in use. By constantly scanning the surroundings and gathering data at a rate unattainable by the human mind, Ford can sense and react to a pedestrian blindly entering a roadway. This allows the Ford vehicle to protect both driver and pedestrians from being involved in a collision that could be damaging to both parties.

If you want to experience the modern design and safety features of new Ford vehicles for yourself, come visit us at Sutton Ford Lincolnto test drive them for yourself. You’ll be amazed by the intelligence and safety provided by Ford’s autonomous technology, and the overall quality of Ford vehicles. Come visit us today, we hope to see you soon at Sutton Lincoln Ford!

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