Intelligent To The Max: The Smart Features of the Ford C-Max

“Intelligence to the Max.” That would be a good motto when it comes to the Ford C-Max sport utility vehicle. Although this might be a newer offering from Ford, it has already found a very loyal fan base. Part of the reason is because it is cutting-edge, with many features. Here is just a small taste of what the C-Max has to offer.

Push Button Start

All models come with a convenient push button start feature, meaning that as long as your key is in your general possession you can start the car with just a simple push.

Available Park Assist

If you are like everyone else, you probably remember when parallel parking was the bane of your existence in driver’s ed. However, with the available park assist, all you have to do is set the controls and the Ford C-Max does the rest! Does the 2018 Ford C-Max sound appealing to you? If so, come in to Sutton Ford Lincoln today for a test drive!



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