Ford Makes Driving Easier with the Co-Pilot360

Advances in automotive technology enhance driving pleasure, make traveling safer and up the entertainment factor. The introduction of Ford's Co-Pilot360 makes owning one of their vehicle like having another set of eyes in the cockpit. See the vehicles in our inventory in Matteson that come equipped with the new technology.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 technology comes standard on the latest models of cars, SUVs and trucks. The system is described as a suite of functions that enhance the vehicle's capabilities. A rear-positioned camera takes the hazard out of backing up. See everything behind you on the infotainment screen.

When vehicles veer into your blind spot zone, a light illuminates on the side mirror as a cautionary measure. Veer into the wrong lane and the steering wheel vibrates as a warning. Get too close to a vehicle in front or if an obstacle crosses your path, you automatically get audible and visual alerts. Learn more about Co-Pilot360 at our Sutton Ford Lincoln.



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