The 2019 Ford Transit Connect is a Smart Choice When It Comes to Data

Vehicles have become more than something that you drive. The 2019 Ford Transit at Sutton Ford Lincoln is an example of a vehicle that enables you to do a lot more than just drive it. There are tons of features in the vehicle that will help you stay on top of everything.

One of the features is the Wi-Fi hot spot which has the ability to connect up to 10 devices for 4G LTE internet speeds. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy high speed access to plenty of different apps and content while you are on your journey.

A truly valuable feature of the 2019 Ford Transit is the Ford Telematics and the Ford Data Services. This includes GPS tracking and information about the speed of the information. There are also tons of other features that you can explore if you take the 2019 Ford Transit for a test drive.



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